Thursday, November 25, 2010

magic is a frug

Magic cards, a friendly drug. Yes they are, they are a frug.
I love playing magic like a pig in mud, but when I spend money to buy some cards, I can feel like crud.
I also feel good inside, when I get to play. But I never get to play all day.
Some days I spend more than others, that's when you know I've been encapsulated like a smuggler.
Magic cards are like a drug, and if I could, I would lay on them like a rug.
But they cost so much, I dare not. Or I will ruin them, and cry on the spot.
They can be a creative problem solving tool. But mostly they make you look like a fool.
Magic cards are like a drug.
I love them as others do, but not so much that I am smug.
No that's a lie every magic player makes. That they are smug, playing magic is all it takes.
If magic cards weren't a frug, I wouldn't buy them. Why?
Because being smug is not enough.
I must buy them to feel tough. And to feel tough, I must win.
And to win, I must buy them. So all in all I feel tough when i buy them and hope I win.
Because Magic cards are a frug. That means they are a friendly drug.

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