Thursday, November 25, 2010

magic is a frug

Magic cards, a friendly drug. Yes they are, they are a frug.
I love playing magic like a pig in mud, but when I spend money to buy some cards, I can feel like crud.
I also feel good inside, when I get to play. But I never get to play all day.
Some days I spend more than others, that's when you know I've been encapsulated like a smuggler.
Magic cards are like a drug, and if I could, I would lay on them like a rug.
But they cost so much, I dare not. Or I will ruin them, and cry on the spot.
They can be a creative problem solving tool. But mostly they make you look like a fool.
Magic cards are like a drug.
I love them as others do, but not so much that I am smug.
No that's a lie every magic player makes. That they are smug, playing magic is all it takes.
If magic cards weren't a frug, I wouldn't buy them. Why?
Because being smug is not enough.
I must buy them to feel tough. And to feel tough, I must win.
And to win, I must buy them. So all in all I feel tough when i buy them and hope I win.
Because Magic cards are a frug. That means they are a friendly drug.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Zephyrus Critique

The Zephyrus, Edina High School's news paper is a disgrace to the world of journalism. I never feel fulfilled when I read it news wise. I feel like I'm reading people's profile on facebook or myspace, or some other opinionated networking site. This brings up the first and biggest issue the paper faces. Are the writers doing journalism? I would argue no. Or using quotes, which does make them opinion pieces, but, moving on. I feel like they aren't asking them selves WHO CARES! Obviously somebody will want to read a story about our new principal or the I-35W bridge. But it's old news people! Again, obviously I know the paper is issued only like once a month. But, then principally the writers should write the story's like they can be read. A quote from the front page of the most current issue of Zephyrus, "[While looking at the twisted heap of metal that was the I35W bridge, two questions came to mind. "Why did this happen?" and "Where do we go from here?"]" So let me take this on. First, it is not timely because we know what happened and where we are going from here. I'm not suggesting the writer should not answer these questions in the article, just don't use that dang introduction to pull a reader in! I KNOW THAT STUFF! So why would I continue reading? The story has conflict and relative proximity. Those are two elements can be greatly played up to make this story much more interesting! It's written with these things very well. It's major flaw is it's introduction which themes the rest of the writing, making it boring to me as a reader. I would say that most of the school paper is written this way. These are some prevailing themes throughout each paper edition. If that could be changed it would make for a much more enjoyable read in my opinion. My other big complaint about the paper is that I really don't see real journalism taking place. This may be because of the kids that are on staff. I can say this because I know who most of them are. I have a hypothesis for why this may be happening. It happens because there wasn't enough competition to get on staff and so a lot of the kids on staff are friends. Since they are friends there isn't enough competition between them so they aren't motivated to compete for the best story or write more creatively to get their story in the paper. This is easily fixed by simply adding more writers so there is competition.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

First Assignment: Fun Facts about Edina

The State of Minnesota plays host to a quiet little suburb called Edina thats attributes far surpass its size. Don't let its cliches fool you, while it has almost as many citizens as it's high school rival Eden Prarie, it's square milage is about 1/3 the size. Edina's accomplishments exceed its short name. According to the No Child Left Behind act endorsed by President Bush, Edina High School did not meet state education requirements in 2006. After testing in 2007, the high school outranked almost all of it's competitors in every subject, again ranking our high school students #1! Newcomers to Edina should also be aware of the neighborhood debates about expansion. The arguments are for and against expansion and keeping the suburb what it is and should be; a suburb. While debates range from street improvements and expansions to limiting the of number of stories a building can have, all forums are open to public attendance and participation is encouraged. Some of these issues include the thoroughfare 70th Street and building permits around the Southdale shopping area. The debate over 70th street includes the expansion of the street, increased speed limits and the demolition of some residences. The scoop on the building permits includes the new construction of a Hotel/Apartment/Shopping center across the street from the soon to open Super Target. The multi-functional building has been approved but did raise and continues to raise concerns about traffic flow, crime rate, and overall the kind of folk Edina will be welcoming to visit, stay, or shop in the near future. From the academics to the political battles waged, Edina is a welcoming place to all! Whether you're new to Edina or you have chosen to reside in our lavishly accomplished and politically adverse suburb we welcome you and hope you get involved, or else!